Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Monkey Friend "Lenny" & His Mice

My friend Lenny, loves mice.

He sneaks up on them, snatches them, taunts them, smells them, licks them, bites them, kicks them, tosses them, and so on and so on, and so on.

That is.....until they all disappear!!!

BUT, check this out!

Lenny has a cool Daddy who secretly traps them so when Lenny leasts suspects it.............he stumbles upon an eye-full, paw-full and jaw-dropping-mouth-full of "FRESHLY-CAPTURED" mice!!!

How cool is that?????

Monday, April 28, 2008

Monkey Hallway Monitor

All the better to pounce on you!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Monkey Cooper Double-Stare

This morning there was a fuss.

We were watchin' a big crow boss these little birdies around.

He landed in their tree and shook the branches, making the little birdies fly out.

He was loud and he was mean!

He jumped off the edge of the tree limb and did this sorta' dive-bomb move, right down onto the wall of the courtyard.

Man, he was squawkin' and squawkin', struttin', fussin', flutterin', flailin' and scarin' the little birdies and chasin' them away.

What a loud, mean, bully of a "scary-crow"!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Monkey Cooper Maneuver

Just as Daddy made his move to leave on his 5-day trip, Coopie turned on the charm in an attempt to make him stay.

She stared up at him, while she gave him her best "chirp"!

Daddy knelt down to give her kittyloves and "spanx", but a few minutes passed and he was back at the door.

When the door opened, she scurried off, chirping.

I knew she was starting to panic!

She wanted Daddy to stay!

Daddy put his bag down and gave me a silly look.

He was about to call out to her, when we heard her chirp and make her leap for the TV. Daddy rolled his eyes.

She let out another chirp, this time she had turned her head to make sure Daddy was watching her.

Oh he was, and as he got closer, she got farther and went up to the highest shelf.

This Cooper tactic was a sure thing!

She knew Daddy wasn't going anywhere until she came down.

As Daddy stood there, he stared at her and gestured for her to come down.

She ignored him.

Then, Daddy knelt down to pick me up.

He kissed my head and asked me what "we" should do about her???

Well, I don't think Daddy heard me, because he didn't bop her on the head.

He shouldda, 'cuz she was being a little ornery girl.

I could tell Daddy was in a hurry, 'cuz he gave up fast. He went straight for the bonita!

AND that's Daddy's best tactic when it comes to Coopie!

Heh Heh

With that, Daddy was gone.

I wouldda pounced, and shouldda pounced on her for doing that to Daddy, but I remembered at that point, I already promised to be good while he was away! Hmph

Monday, April 21, 2008

Monkey Ready for Brushies

I'm always ready for my brushies!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Monkey Saturday Goal

I knew when I woke up that today was gonna be huge!!!

Huge, but in a sense of huge napola!

Have a great weekend kitties.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Monkey Moment

My little sister Cooper has noticed Daddy's suitcase is out.

I feel a "bummer" coming on.

Not so much for me, but more so for her.

She loves her "some Daddy".

(Whispering) Psst....between me and you kitties, she's a little "Co-Dee". Ya know what I mean?

Who can blame her, Daddy's the best.

So from the moment Daddy leaves, I promise to be a good big brother.

I couldda rattled her cage when she was sitting in my spot by the window, but I decided to let her be.

If she wasn't so cute, I'da definitely pounced on her.

Especially if the suitcase wasn't out!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Monkey Friend Finds Treasure

Murry Butt-tones found a treasure under the coffee table, but her reach wasn't long enough.

After Murry fussed around long enough, the flashlight was taken out to see it was she was fuss'g about.

Once the light shone through, it was pretty obvious.

There it was!!!

Murry hit the motherload!

BUT, it wasn't until the white mouse got pushed out from under the table, that Murry made her move.

She pounced on it and as soon as it was within her grasp, she went nuts.

She gave it a hard swipe and ran around the table to find it. When Murry made her way around to the other side, there it was.

Hiding behind the leg of the table.

She ran back around to the other side to give it another whack!

She was gonna teach that mouse a lesson.

With her speedy back kickers, she whacked it again.

It ended up back under the table, but this time, she swears it was teasing her.

So she pulled it out and gave it another thrashing and when it finally gave up.

She gave it a backward kick and banished him back under the table until it was ready to be serious about playing the cat and mouse game again. Heh Heh

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Monkey Fun

Yesterday afternoon, I was playing one of my favorite games with Daddy. I think he calls it: "Scream, Scare, Run & then Hide, then Seek & Scare, & Chase", but of course, I could be wrong.

Anyway, we were on our third round and it was Daddy's turn to "scare, chase and scream". The last thing I saw was Daddy coming after me, making that screeching sound, while he waved his hands in the air. Now that's "scary", so that's when I "hide", and he "seeks". heh heh

I bolted out of the living room to find refuge in the bedroom.

From the hallway, I took a hard right into the room and dove underneath my tent.

I took cover, turned around and waited.

Daddy was close so I stood ready to POUNCE.

Daddy's screeching sound was interrupted by the door bell.

I heard the door open. Then close.

I sat very still.

I saw Cooper tip-toe by, just outside the tent.

I could see her silhouette as she sniffed around.

I heard her nervous "chirp" as she scurried off.

I listened for Daddy, but didn't hear him coming.

Coopie, most likely, went to tell Daddy where I was.

Well, I knew he'd come looking for me, so I sat patiently.

I waited.


Minutes later, nothing.

Well, eventually, I decided a nap was in order. So I snoozed.

I woke up to Daddy whispering something to Cooper.

I got up, stretched and yawned.

I could see Daddy leaning in towards the tent, as he quietly asked, "Where's da'Monk?" "Is da'Monk in derr??"

I sat there very still.

The anticipation was gone, but not the fun!!

He lifted up the tent, and said in his loud voice, "Ahhh! Derr's da'Monkey!!!"

I blinked as the light came in.

"Hi da'Boo!!", he said, as he patted me on the head.

Awwww! I love my Daddy!!

He always comes through!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Monkey Nuts

The Claw: otherwise known as the Clincher!

Once I grab a hold of something, there is no letting go.

I only hold it even harder so it doesn't escape!!! No matter what it is...or who!

Don't get me wrong, you know I'm not vicious.

But anyway, that's neither here nor there.

As for out of control.............???

There's always, my kickers!!

When those are going off, that's when trouble finds me.

But, honestly, they're a completely different story.

I can't really grab anything with those.

As much as I'm sure they're good for thrashing and ripping and tearing, but, as you all know, I don't do much of that!

The Cock-Eyed Ear: Turned sideways or pointing backward. That's all you really need to know.

It's not really anything I think about. It just happens naturally.

Just know that when it gets sideways, I have no idea what's gonna happen next!

There is no clue as to what my next move is.

Even I'm unsure.

Once that starts fluttering around, I can pretty much go nuts, at any time.

By then, my heart rate is in the "extremely rapidly growing" stage and the horses are off!

Then you have, The Eyes: Once you see the glare and stare come through "loud and clear", you betta' know, you gotta watch out for the burn!

Make no mistake.

Make no eye contact!

Steer clear!

I may not be focused on any one-thing. It may be a gazillion things as ideas and thoughts flash through my head.

Believe me, it's not anything Coopie wants to focus on or have me focus on.....which is what's was happening here, in this photo.

It's almost like a Monkey-Morph.

When I saw Coopie go for my new toys....err, our new toys, I had to really refrain from "getting the kwazies"!

When you put that all together, it's the only thing that is guaranteed for over 100%

The Kwazies are on the way!

I'm ultimately famous for that, so if anykitty knows better, it's you know who! But sometimes, just like everykitty and everyone, she forgets!

Poor Coopie...........zooom!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Monkey TrickyTweat

So, as I was previously telling you all, about being in my cube when I heard a tweat fall somewhere.

I was hiding inside, then went outside, then back inside again.

I sniffed around. Up and down.

Inside and out.

Once back inside, the scent was stronger and stronger.

I figured it out was a sneaky tweat.

Who would do that to a monkey????

No matter, I got more, right afterwards.

Out in the open, no trickery!! heh

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Monkey Rescue Mission

Check this out kitties!!!!!!!!!!!

Over the last month, Mommy had noticed signs everywhere that said, "FOUND: GREY MALE KITTY. If yours, please call Ken.".

This past Sunday, she was driving down the street and saw him running underneath a white house.

She pulled over, crossed the street and he came running out to her.

He was very friendly and "OOOOOH so cute", she said.

She noticed he had patches of fur missing, but seemed to be in pretty good shape.

He was very sweet and very hungry.

Mommy went to get him some kibble and water and went back to visit him.

She was able to contact the people who found him who told her that they'd been feeding him for a month and trying to find him a home.

So every night, Mommy has been feeding him and bringing him water.

He's very friendly and very very cute.

Mommy has a friend at work, who lost two 13-year old sibling kitties last year and thought she might be ready for a new kitty, so she told her about me.

On Sunday, Mommy's friend said she was maybe ready, and seemed a litle interested in this little guy.

Mommy just kept telling her that he was sooo cute and sooo adorable.

Her friend asked Mommy if she could come see the little kitty after work, but Mommy had an appointment and wasn't gonna be around.

Mommy's friend asked for directions and decided to go anyway!

When Mommy's friend was close to where the kitty was, she called Mommy who told her exactly where to go.

A second later, he came running out.

Mommy heard her friend, "ooohing and aaahing", and they both kept saying how cute he was!

Mommy felt bad, but she had to hang up. Her friend said she was gonna sit with the kitty for awhile and would call Mommy later.

An hour later, Mommy got out of her appointment only to get a call that her friend was driving home with the cute little kittyboy!

Mommy was so happy!!!!

She can't stop saying, "I'm so happy!" No really, she keeps saying it over and over.

Her friend called tonight and said the little kitty was a love bug and was very sweet.

Mommy and her friend were so happy because it started to rain tonight and now that little kitty will be in a dry warm place with lots of love!

Ain't he cute??? Ain't it cool??????