Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Monkey Bed Business

I'm very good at helping make the bed.

It makes me nuts when I think I see something moving underneath the sheets.

Sometimes i dive underneath just to make sure I get whatever is moving under there!

I especially like to dive under there, just before Coopie comes around the corner to hop onto the bed.

She likes to play on the bed too!

BUT, only when I'm not around.

If she thinks I'm passed out somewhere, she tries to keep it quiet so I won't hear her and come in and pounce on her.

She knows I'm always lurking!

Once she lets her guard down, she gets very silly and lets loose.

Although she may know I'm hiding, she doesn't pounce, 'cuz I think she's still unsure. Maybe even a little nervous.

That's why it is very important that I stay very still.

I am sooo good at hiding.

I amaze myself.

Heh Heh

It is hard not to jump out and spook her.

I'm a sneaky little sheet monster, peering through the sheets.

She thinks she sees me, but I know she doesn't.

I am completely invisible.............or so I think!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Monkey Birthday Recap

My auntie Stephanie gave me a couple of shiny fishies that were filled with catnip.

The fishies came in a very cool handmade bowl. Mommy later filled it with cold fresh water.

I also got one of my favorite mousies, along with a fancy feathered birdie that had a silly looking face.

I get new toys and beds all the time, so I pretty much figured, it's kinda like my birthday everyday so at one point I just chilled and let you know who have her fun...(ahem)...with my new fishies!!! heh heh

I will admit that Coopie went a little nuts.

Actually, it was quite a scene.

I guess you could call it a...............silly, spontaneous, spectacular, spectacle. heh

Per usual, I thought the actual "bag" my gifts came in, was the best part of the whole entire day!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Monkey Turns 3!

Mommy says tomorrow I'm gonna be 3!!

I don't think I feel 3. I don't know if I look 3.

She says that tomorrow we're gonna have a little celebration.

While I napped, I saw her putting away a bunch of kitty food, toys and tweats.

I decided to just hang back and pretend I didn't see anything going on.

I'll let you know how the festivities go. Wish you all could join us.

If you don't, I'll have to share everything with Cooper and she likes to hog stuff!

At least she doesn't like tweats, like I do. More for me!

Oh no. I just remembered Cooper likes to wear party hats.

Wish me luck!

Hope you kitties all have a great weekend!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Monkey Plastic Wrap

There were lots of plastic bags on the floor tonight. I know there were there for me, so I could play.

I was slippin' and a slidin'. I was divin' and more slidin'. It was a blast............until I slid into Cooper and she screamed! Heh Heh Heh

On that note, I scrammed. It was still fun. For me!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Monkey Tent

I spent most of the early am outside. When I came in to have some water and kibble, I found this tent in the corner. I checked it out and napped the rest of the afternoon.

It got kind of warm later just about supper time, so after my scrumptious meal I went back outside for my evening nap. Have a great weekend kitties.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Monkey Jungle Disguise

Is anykitty out there? Is anykitty able to receive this message??

I sure hope so, 'cuz I've missed you all. I sure hope you're all well.

For the record, I haven't gone a single day without think'g of all of you.

I've got my new "jungle" up and running so there is lots of monkeybusiness to be had. There are leafy vines that hang from above. The trees are as tall as the eye can see. (I actually met a sloth sitting high in a fig tree.)

There are flowing rivers filled with fishies and their friends. The water is swampy, but nice to drink from as it is filled with many swampy creatures that are considered "delicacies" to thee "local-jungle-kitties" who don't make it out to the city too often.

I'm not so much into the swampy creatures or such outlandish delicacies, but I'm sure, I could get used to it. Right? (j/k...well, sort of. i did eat a june-bug earlier this evening. What? I know!!!)

Well my jungle also has many, many blooming plants, fruits and flowers which we can chew if and when we please. We are like chickens & turkey, ya know "free range"? ha ha Actually, I think I mean, we have "free reign" on the place. hee hee

I sure hope you can all visit me soon. That's if you even remember me. It would be a waste, to have this "jungle" all to myself (and with cooper, of course), and not be able to share it with you.

Uh-oh, I hear whispering. Gotta jet! AND, if you still can't tell by my very clever and creative disguise, guess what? It's me, Monkey! Yeah, I know. Hard to tell, right? Right! I know!!! I'm good!

I have plenty of camouflage gear to go around. It's all one-size-fits-all!

Ooops, gotta git, the whispering is getting closer. The paint ball game is starting soon. The trophy for 1st place is a box of tweats. Watch out now!!

Oh yeah, if I haven't told you, (since I don't know who is even out there) my laptop was fixed. Finally!

Thank you so much for your loyalty during my laptop breakdown/repair nightmare. Consider yourselves the biggest asset to any friendship, especially ours!!

Yours, always, Monkey......(hears something in the bushes). and runs off a gazillion miles an hour.....................zoooom!!!!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Monkey Laundry

I'm not quite sure how much longer I can stand having only limited access to a "borrowed" laptop. I'm grateful, however, it would be better if I didn't have a limited window of time. Ya know??

I don't care much for being rushed or pressured when it comes to my time for all you loyal kitties and friends.

............BUT, the greener side of life has been my new found experience on supervising laundry duty at home.

As you can see from this picture, the laundry hamper is upside down and that does nobody good.

I must go regulate.

Hope you kitties are well and stayed away from those loud fireworks-crackers-etc.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Monkey & The Pits

Laptop problems are the total pits.

I miss you all and can't wait to be back online.

Thank you so much for checking-in.

It means tons. Miss you kitties!! Love, Monkers