Thursday, July 10, 2008

Monkey Jungle Disguise

Is anykitty out there? Is anykitty able to receive this message??

I sure hope so, 'cuz I've missed you all. I sure hope you're all well.

For the record, I haven't gone a single day without think'g of all of you.

I've got my new "jungle" up and running so there is lots of monkeybusiness to be had. There are leafy vines that hang from above. The trees are as tall as the eye can see. (I actually met a sloth sitting high in a fig tree.)

There are flowing rivers filled with fishies and their friends. The water is swampy, but nice to drink from as it is filled with many swampy creatures that are considered "delicacies" to thee "local-jungle-kitties" who don't make it out to the city too often.

I'm not so much into the swampy creatures or such outlandish delicacies, but I'm sure, I could get used to it. Right? (j/k...well, sort of. i did eat a june-bug earlier this evening. What? I know!!!)

Well my jungle also has many, many blooming plants, fruits and flowers which we can chew if and when we please. We are like chickens & turkey, ya know "free range"? ha ha Actually, I think I mean, we have "free reign" on the place. hee hee

I sure hope you can all visit me soon. That's if you even remember me. It would be a waste, to have this "jungle" all to myself (and with cooper, of course), and not be able to share it with you.

Uh-oh, I hear whispering. Gotta jet! AND, if you still can't tell by my very clever and creative disguise, guess what? It's me, Monkey! Yeah, I know. Hard to tell, right? Right! I know!!! I'm good!

I have plenty of camouflage gear to go around. It's all one-size-fits-all!

Ooops, gotta git, the whispering is getting closer. The paint ball game is starting soon. The trophy for 1st place is a box of tweats. Watch out now!!

Oh yeah, if I haven't told you, (since I don't know who is even out there) my laptop was fixed. Finally!

Thank you so much for your loyalty during my laptop breakdown/repair nightmare. Consider yourselves the biggest asset to any friendship, especially ours!!

Yours, always, Monkey......(hears something in the bushes). and runs off a gazillion miles an hour.....................zoooom!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You look so much like me, it's scairty!

Your friend, Gandalf

4:19 AM, July 11, 2008  
Blogger Chance said...

WELCUM BAK MONKEY! Donna wurries, we didna furget bowt yoo. I iz furry happies dat yur laptop iz fixeded an yoo can bloggy agan.

7:33 AM, July 11, 2008  
Blogger Honey P. Sunshine said...

hey monkey

7:35 AM, July 11, 2008  
Blogger SchneiderHein said...

Hello again, Monkey!

9:46 AM, July 13, 2008  
Blogger Junior said...

I am so glad you are back! And that is great camoflauge!

8:41 AM, July 16, 2008  
Blogger monkeybunkey said...

Thanks took forever!

8:47 PM, July 29, 2008  

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