Friday, June 29, 2007

Monkey & Cooper

Daddy put a new scratcher in the kittycoop today.

He knows we like to change it up a bit!

Then, (u know who - miss nosey) came outside.

She pretends she doesn't care, but then her curiosity gets the best of her, then she comes a runnin'.

I was hoping Daddy would let me out onto the balcony, but the birds came and that means we "for-sure" can't be outside.

Coopie spotted them first...Then I did!

We really wanted to go outside to play with them.

I think Daddy didn't trust us.

Sup with dat?

I know!!! That's what I'm sayin'.


Blogger Daisy said...

But being in the enclosure is the next-best thing to being right in the Great Outdoors! Only you are safe.

11:40 AM, June 30, 2007  
Anonymous KJoy said...

Hey MonkaBunk,

Haven't seen you around on Catster lately (I'm not there as much as I used to be either), so thought I'd pop in here and say hi!

2:21 PM, June 30, 2007  
Blogger monkeybunkey said...

Hello Ladies!!!

6:11 PM, July 02, 2007  

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