Friday, October 06, 2006

Please Forgive a Monkey

I wanted to post a Thank you to Ms. Cecilia who was the very first person to link my blog to her own blog. I'm pretty sure most of you know it and visit quite often. Her kitties are something else! Check them out here:~Random Drift~. Such a busy lady but always seems to find time for my blog, where she posts sweet little messages for me to find. They always make me smile. Today, however, Monkey was not smiling. He was very distraught becuz he accidentally deleted her comment. How awful! huh? I surely hope this picture will earn her forgiveness. I am truly sorry. As I know Ms. Cecilia only a little bit, I do have to say that she will most likely still be my friend. She's cool like that! So, give her blog a look see to see what her kitties are up to.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, who can possibly resist the Monkey! Ha, ha. Oh, it is no problem, I'll post the comment again. I love this picture of Monkey. Just look at the toepads!
And thanks for telling people about my blog.

8:24 AM, October 07, 2006  
Anonymous Jasmin and Saffi said...

Monkey! What a picture of absolute enjoyment! You certainly give yourself up to a lovely snooze position!
Your admirers,
Saffi and Jasmin xxx

10:35 AM, October 07, 2006  
Blogger Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

uh-oh! duzzn't sound like she's mad though. she's a nice one. we known her fur a long time an our Lady's in love wif Mrs. B (the tuxie kitty). our Lady effun puts pic-shures of Mrs. B on her 'puter wallpaper instedda us!

12:35 PM, October 07, 2006  
Blogger monkeybunkey said...

Thank Ms. Ceci, we appreciate it. Glad you like the pic. I picked it just for you. Monkers

S&J, thanks for the admiration. It feels warm and fuzzy. Monkey

g,m&c, ha ha I like the idea of wallpaper. I knew she was cool like that! Monk

3:32 PM, October 07, 2006  
Blogger Kitty Cats Corner said...


12:02 AM, October 11, 2006  
Blogger monkeybunkey said...

kcc, gracias!

1:32 PM, October 11, 2006  

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