Friday, September 14, 2007

Monkey Tunnel Vision

Sometimes the hallway gets converted into a long tunnel.

I like to sit and watch things as they get thrown inside.

Something might move just outside of it.

It's fun in there.

Sometimes I stand tall and block the exit.

Other times, I sit and wait.

For who? Who else?



Mostly, I just chill.




Wait some more....

Then finally.....It never fails.

She falls for it every time.

Cooper turns the corner.

And you know, she knows what's next!


Blogger Henry Helton said...

That's the longest tunnel I have ever seen! Way Cool!

8:59 PM, September 14, 2007  
Blogger Daisy said...

Whoa! That's a huge tunnel! I have a little tunnel, but it is all folded up and put away. You are lucky!

6:25 AM, September 15, 2007  
Blogger monkeybunkey said...

We have a red one too. If you come over, we can put them both out!

7:02 PM, September 15, 2007  

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