Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Monkey Looks

Not sure if anykitty noticed, but I've sorta been layin' low.
I have a few friends out there that are having a "not so good" time.
It's kinda hard to crack jokes and be silly when others are low.
So excuse any somberness as of late, but always, always be ready for some serious Monkey Business at any moment!


Blogger KJ's muse said...

Yeah, I definitely noticed. Was a bit worried about you actually.

As you probably know, Basil's death hit quite a few of us quite hard, but what can you do? Was so happy to see Simba being DOTD though! Life will get better again....

as always,

8:47 PM, November 14, 2006  
Anonymous Jasmin and Saffi said...

It's always good to show your sensitive side, Monks! Love and purrs from us to your friends.
Saffi and Jasmin xx

2:01 PM, November 15, 2006  
Blogger Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

our Lady's been tryin' ta coordinate the rescue efforts fur the homeless kitties in Rhode Island so we haven't gotten to post anyfing but the occasional picture recently. we unnerstand what yur sayin', but sumtimes cute an fun is a good break fur those who haf problems. keep bein' cute an fun...well, when ya feel like it, that is...

3:19 PM, November 15, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope all your furriends get better!

3:30 PM, November 15, 2006  
Anonymous Mack-a-d said...

Do you ever get eye goobies? Cause I never see any in your pictures!

I have freckles that look like eye goobies, but they are just freckles.

You're still cute, even when you are laying low.

7:29 PM, November 15, 2006  
Blogger monkeybunkey said...

Thanks to everykitty/one with your support and understanding.

MackD, you made me laugh! Thanks

Da Monkadocious!

10:47 AM, November 17, 2006  

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